# new ToriiAuthenticator()

Authenticator that wraps the Torii library and thus allows to connect any external authentication provider that torii defines a provider for.

In order to use this authenticator, the application needs to have the torii addon installed and must inject the torii service into the authenticator:

// app/authenticators/torii.js
import Torii from 'ember-simple-auth/authenticators/torii';
import { inject as service } from '@ember/service';

export default class ToriiAuthenticator extends Torii {
  @service torii;
  • Implement an authenticator that wraps Torii in application code instead: since 4.2.0

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# static authenticate(provider, options) → {Ember.RSVP.Promise}

Authenticates the session by opening the specified torii provider. For more documentation on torii and its providers abstraction, see the project's README, specifically the section on providers.

Name Type Description
provider String

The torii provider to authenticate the session with

options Object

The options to pass to the torii provider

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A promise that when it resolves results in the session becoming authenticated


# static invalidate() → {Ember.RSVP.Promise}

Closes the torii provider. If the provider is successfully closed, this method returns a resolving promise, otherwise it will return a rejecting promise, thus intercepting session invalidation.

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A promise that when it resolves results in the session being invalidated


# static restore(data) → {Ember.RSVP.Promise}

Restores the session by calling the torii provider's fetch method.

__Many torii providers do not implement the `fetch` method__. If the
provider in use does not implement the method simply add it as follows:

// app/torii-providers/facebook.js
import FacebookOauth2Provider from 'torii/providers/facebook-oauth2';

export default class FacebookToriiProvider extends FacebookOauth2Provider {
  fetch(data) {
    return data;
Name Type Description
data Object

The data to restore the session from

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A promise that when it resolves results in the session becoming or remaining authenticated