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Ember Simple Auth is a lightweight library for implementing authentication/authorization with Ember.js applications.

It has minimal requirements with respect to application structure, routes etc. With its pluggable strategies it can support all kinds of authentication and authorization mechanisms.

What does it do?

  • it maintains a client side session and synchronizes its state across multiple tabs/windows of the application
  • it authenticates the session against the application's own server, external providers like Facebook etc.
  • it authorizes requests to backend servers
  • it is easily customizable and extensible


Install Ember Simple Auth as an Ember CLI Addon:

ember install ember-simple-auth

How to use it

More information

This is only a very brief overview of Ember Simple Auth's features. More detailed docs can be found in the README and the API docs. Checkout a FastBoot enabled demo app here.

Projects and Companies using Ember Simple Auth